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This is our original magnet pin. The logos are three-dimensional by using our new production method.


神奈川沖浪裏マグネットピンズ01   神奈川沖浪裏マグネットピンズ02   神奈川沖浪裏マグネットピンズ04   神奈川沖浪裏マグネットピンズ03   神奈川沖浪裏マグネットピンズ06




SDGs magnet pins.

Magnet pin size: diameter 25mm, diameter 17mm


SDGs マグネットピンズ 02    SDGs マグネットピンズ 01    SDGs マグネットピンズ 03    SDGs マグネットピンズ 04    SDGs マグネットピンズ 05





Business Area:Sales planning of custom tailored suits, etc. (

Order:Company logo magnet pins and buttons

Magnet company logo pins are becoming more popular since there's no need to pin your jacket and leave a hole.


Comment from the CEO/Representative Director Mr.OkuboWe visited this exhibition in Tokyo and happened to meet Japan Belleview.

After the exhibition, we had a meeting with them and they were very helpful and supportive, so we decided to work with them right away.

I'm so grateful that we got to have the opportunity of meeting Japan Belleview and we really appreciate their thoughtful support.

Comment from the Executive Vice President Ms.HishidaThe colorful leaves in our company logo are very distinctive.

It was hard for us to find a company who can manufacture items with the logo because of its detailed design and colorful colors.

However, Japan Belleview has been really supportive and they always listen to us and give us a lot of ideas/advice.

We're very satisfied with the buttons and the magnet pins we ordered this time. We're already working on the next project with them!

Comment from the Senior Executive Director Mr.KimuraWe actually visited other booths that handle metal items at the exhibition.

Why did we decide to work with Japan Belleview?

We got a really good impression that Japan belleview could be our partner we can create great items with. We were not wrong.

They're very positive and supportive. We can't wait to create more cool items with them! 


  Spinks World_社章01  リベルテモード商品01   リベルテモード 商品02   リベルテモード 商品03   リベルテモード 店内風景01


Company:Spinks World

Business Area:Printing machines, printing ink, pigments to the plastic industry. Based in India. (

Order:Company logo magnet pins

Magnet company logo pins are becoming more popular since there's no need to pin your jacket and leave a hole.


  spinksworld 社章00   Spinks World 社章02   Spinks World 社章05   Spinks World 社章04


Company:LIBERO Inc.

Business Area:Promotional item production, etc.  (

Order:Company logo magnet pins (2 types)

Magnet pin size:Libero 16×16mm、Ayumu 20×20mm


LIBERO 社章 01    LIBERO 社章 03    LIBERO 社章 04    LIBERO あゆむ社章 01    LIBERO あゆむ社章 04







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